Haunted Hotels in Malaysia

Haunted Hotels in Malaysia is an article created for those who strongly believe in the supernatural world. Over here in Malaysia, ghosts, spirits and demons are quite common to the locals where they appear in all sorts of forms based on the religion. For example, the Malay ghost would appear in the form of a PontianakToyol or Jin where else for the Chinese ghost, it will appear in the form of their own language.
Over the years, there have been many hotels and resorts which have been termed haunted or ‘not clean’ by many guests and some even have had their establishment in the news or social talk. This article is however not to tarnish the names or the businesses but just to give an idea of some of the haunted hotels in Malaysia or Hotel yang Berhantu in the Malay language especially for those who strongly believe in the supernatural.
Here is the list broken down by states in Malaysia and some of the encounters, rooms or floors mentioned;

Haunted Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

  • Crystal Crown Hotel
  • Grand Continental Hotel
  • Mandrin Oriental Hotel
  • Hotel Corus
  • Hotel Kowloon Jalan TAR
  • Grand Millinium Hotel, Bukit Bintang
  • Federal Hotel
  • Park Royal
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Mint Hotel Sungai Besi
  • Mandarin Hotel KL
  • Hotel Istana KL Room 712  – Pontianak sighted
  • Hotel Maya KL
  • Hotel Istana KL
  • Dynasty Hotel KL
  • Palace of the Golden Horses Sri Kembangan, KL
  • Pearl International Hotel KL
  • Gardens Hotel KL

Haunted Hotels in Petaling Jaya

  • Holiday Villa Subang
  • Saujana Hotel Subang
  • Hilton Petaling Jaya

Haunted Hotels in Johor

  • Mutiara Hotel
  • M Suites Hotel
  • Sebab Hotel Desaru
  • New York Hotel
    This happened to a girlfriend of mine who used to stay at the New York Hotel when she has business trips to Johor Bahru. It was rumoured that New York Hotel, Johor Bahru had a suicide case a few years back where a girl killed herself in one of the New York Hotel room.

Haunted Hotels in Kedah

  • Hotel Grand Continental Alor Star
  • Swiss Inn Sungai Petani
  • SP Inn Sungai Petani
  • Hotel Cinta Sayang Sungai Petani

Haunted Hotels in Langkawi

  • Marina Cove Resort Langkawi
  • Kondo Istana Langkawi
  • Resort Kampung Tok Senik Langkawi
  • Aseana Resort Langkawi
  • Datai Langkawi

Haunted Hotels in Melaka

  • Angkasa Hotel Melaka Level 5
  • Shah’s Beach Resort Melaka
  • Mahkota Hotel Melaka Level 11
  • Hotel Duluxe

Haunted Hotels in Port Dickson

  • Ancasa Resort
  • Ilham Beach Resort
  • Thistle Resort
  • Palm Spring Resort
  • Le Paris Costa Rica Resort Room 517
  • Avillion Resort Port Dickson

Haunted Hotels in Pahang

  • Swiss Garden Hotel Kuantan
  • Impiana Hotel Cherating
  • Legend Resort Cherating
  • MS Garden Hotel Kuantan
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Vistana Hotel (2 kids playing in the lift)

Haunted Hotels in Cameron Highlands

  • Heritage Hotel Level 4
  • Equatorial Hotel Room 809
  • Strawberry Park Hotel
  • Apartmen Dahlia Cameron Highlands

Haunted Hotels in Genting Highlands

  • First World Hotel Genting Level 13No stranger to the locals, Genting Highlands is said to be one of the most haunted places in Malaysia, and with 6,118 rooms it must be difficult to keep track of visitors from the “other side.” Recorded as the fourth largest hotel in the world, the hotel actually houses an outdoor and indoor theme park, shopping center, food plaza and even a tropical rainforest at the main entrance.It also houses Asia’s best international casino resort, and people say there have been numerous gambling-related suicides take place over the years. First World Hotel is known for its paranormal activities – guests who have stayed there would hear wailing spirits in the middle of the night, some have even seen ghostly apparitions jumping over the cliff only to vanish into thin air – the most famous account is a headless woman roaming around the corridor, apparently looking for her missing head.
  • Genting Highland Resort Hotel
    Certain rooms are not available for rent no matter how full the hotel was – those who have seen the inside reported that it was filled with old Chinese ghost wards. They would subsequently fall sick for days afterwards. Apparently this resort is on top of the list for being the most haunted in Malaysia.

Haunted Hotels in Penang

  • Sheraton Penang
  • Hotel Copthorn
  • Rasa Sayang Resort
  • Northam Hotel
  • E&O Hotel
  • Crown Prince Hotel
  • Sunway Hotel Gerogetown
  • Gurney Hotel
  • Sri Malaysia Hotel Penang
    Room 102 I saw a reflection of someone dashing through the room in the mirror, just outside the bathroom in the hallway above the dresser drawers. While drying my hair with a towel, dripping wet and naked, I stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom to have a look. A Malaysian man with a black turban and black silk clothes materialized and stood facing me about three feet away. He opened his mouth and moved it as if he was speaking to me, but he was silent. He had deep eye sockets; void and darkness replaced his eyes, and his face was dry, brown, and crinkled. The ghost then reached for me, extending both arms, and hovered toward me at about one inch per second.

Haunted Hotels in Perak

  • Swiss Garden Damai Resort Lumut
  • Marina Cove Resort Lumut
  • Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort
  • Pangkor Laut Resort
  • Pangkor Island Resort
  • Majestic Hotel Ipoh

Haunted Hotels in Sabah

  • Sibu Island Resort
  • Renaissance Hotel Room 107
  • Hotel Ruby Kota Kinabalu

Haunted Hotels in Sarawak

  • Hilton Kuching
  • Damai Beach Resort
  • Holiday Inn
  • Crown Riverside Hotel Kuching
  • Santubong Resort

Haunted Hotels in Terengganu

  • Resorts World Awana (Awana Kijal)

Haunted Hotels in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

  • Hotel Royal Bintang

Haunted Hotels in Kelantan

  • Sutra Inn Kota Baru
  • Hotel Danialla Bachok
The collection of haunted hotels in Malaysia have been collected and taken from various forums or websites from around Malaysia based on peoples experiences at these places. There is no solid evidence on to the experiences here therefore many can assume that this can be passed off as tiredness, illusions or simply mind playing tricks. Then again, is it?
The most common experiences shared are the ones where the lights, air-condition, television goes off and on. Others include blankets being pulled or simply seeing someone standing there in the dark looking at the guests. The list goes on and we would like to know your experience.
If you have had a supernatural experience in any hotel or resort in Malaysia, please do share it here in the comment form and we will update that experience to the relevant section. Again, this article is in not out to tarnish the name/s of the establishments but purely for reading entertainment. If you have a story about a haunted hotel in Malaysia, please share it here.


马来西亚律师公会将在本周五(5月11日)下午召开特别大会,以寻求通过该会主席林志伟提出的一项有关428净选盟3.0大集会的动 [Read more…]


《428和回到咖啡馆》By:Teh Hon Seng 郑云城

拉着大儿子出席了428,由于三点结束就离开,没有真正见识到下半场政府传令警方超暴 力的镇压演出,也不想就“上半场”的风平浪静写些流水帐式的人在现场的纪录,所以拐个弯谈去年《经济学人》7月7日号的“回到咖啡馆”一文,因为这篇文章谈的新闻趋势,在428有活生生的体现


而428过后, 我们从政府控制的传统媒体接受到了什么讯息?这些受过新闻专业训练,有严格审核制度的报章、电台和电视台又传达了什么样的消息?参与者的人数被大幅度降低,暴民挑衅警方镇压有理,照片或短片充斥的是“暴民”的杰作,还把一辆警车翻转,作为主要讯息的传达。





428, 当纳吉的政府在为他的镇压阴谋得逞,在为他动用武力和利用主流媒体“战胜”了集会群众而沾沾自喜的当儿;这时,这20万双眼睛,加上20万部人手一部的手机相机,诚实的从千百个不同的角度,缓缓地开始诉说他们人在现场的故事,他身边的家人、亲戚和朋友都在用心聆听,当这20万双口耳再通过社交网站的传播,整个马来西亚都在聆听,最后世界也在聆听。




428, 让马来西亚真正回到了咖啡馆的时代。这个时代,也是个美好的时代














































也许428那天,是我这辈子和巫裔朋友最近距离的接触,肌肤与肌肤,汗水与汗水。在拥挤的人群中移动,只稍一句「lalu sikit」,巫裔朋友就「boleh boleh」,涉法让出即便是一条缝,也让你过。贴着他们的肌肤听他们祈祷,膝盖贴膝盖并坐和他们一起把口号喊成笑话,这个友族没有任何不适,即使太阳暴晒,没有移动的空间,甚至面对面与执法人员对峙,或在催泪弹的烟雾中流泪,他们都从容应付。